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Common Problems in Operation of Dust Collector

2021-04-15 11:07:05

Bag dust collector has been used for more than 100 years, its biggest advantage is high dust removal efficiency (more than 99.99%), the emission can reach less than 10 mg / m3, and the classification efficiency is also very high.

The dust collector also has good capture efficiency for fine particles below 2.5 μ m, so it has been widely used. However, after many years of operation, the bag filter also exposed some problems, such as the filter bag is easy to be damaged and dew. Operation resistance is high, ash cleaning failure; ash hopper unloading is not smooth. There are many factors causing problems in the operation of bag dust collector, except for its own factors, operation. Improper management is also an important reason for the problems in operation. This paper analyzes and discusses the problems that often occur in the operation of bag dust collector.

1. Filter bag problem

The progress of bag filter is mainly reflected in the innovation of filter media and the change of ash removal method, and the filter bag is the heart of bag dust collector, and the maintenance cost of filter bag is the largest proportion in the maintenance cost of dust collector. The filter bag is the most important factor to determine the performance of the dust collector. The main factors causing the filter bag damage are: high temperature burning, corrosion, mechanical damage, installation quality, product quality. Operation, management and other reasons.

2. High running resistance

Running resistance is an important performance index of dust collector. A pulse bag filter with high performance and good operation not only has high dust removal efficiency. And the running resistance should be kept below 1500 Pa. If the dust adhered to the filter bag can not be effectively removed when the pulse bag dust is removed, the dust will gradually accumulate and clog on the outer surface of the filter bag, resulting in a paste bag. Not only the filter bag is easily damaged, but also the running resistance of the dust collector is increased, the running load of the dust removal fan is increased, the running condition is not good, and the running cost is increased.

The main factors that cause the high running resistance of the dust collector are: bad cleaning of the filter bag, condensation of the filter bag, unreasonable structure of the box, and one or more lifting valves in the closed state.




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