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How to maintain bag Dust Collector in order to prolong the Service Life of filter bag?

2021-04-15 14:26:47

There are two aspects to the maintenance of bag dust collector:

Firstly, appropriate heating measures should be taken to strengthen the temperature monitoring of the dust collector and dust collection system, so that the application conditions of the bag dust collector can be grasped conveniently, so as to prevent the appearance of dew.

Second, reduce air leakage. The air leakage of the partial gap of the dust collector should be controlled below 3.5%.

In addition, for cement plants and other enterprises, we should pay attention to the addition of raw material sheds. In cement production, the moisture content of all kinds of raw materials, fuels and mixtures varies, so fixed sheds can prevent rain, thus greatly reducing the moisture content of materials. Is one of the effective measures to reduce the moisture content of materials?

What are the specific heating measures?

If a far-infrared electric heater or heater is installed in the dust collector or a radiator is added in the bag room the flue gas temperature of the main engine can be raised appropriately.

What are the areas that are likely to be overlooked when checking for air leaks?

In the dust collector system, the air leakage of the process equipment such as the closed ash relief valve at the outlet of the ball-mill loader, the air leakage of the closed ash discharge valve under the dust collector, the connection of the pipe valve, and so on, are often ignored by the maintenance and management personnel.

Excuse me, if the bottom of the filter bag wear, what measures do you have?

Bottom wear of filter bag is divided into bottom outer wear and bottom inner wear. 1) Bottom outer wear of filter bag: mainly because of high material level in ash hopper, the dust particles raised by air directly scour the bottom of bag bottom, resulting in wear. Adjust the working system of dust remover bucket to avoid excessive dust accumulation, which can avoid the formation of eddy current wear filter bag. 2) The inside wear of filter bag bottom is mainly because the bottom of bag cage is too small or the filter bag is too long. The bag cage can only support the bottom part of the bag. The bottom of the filter bag wobbles when the filter bag is cleaned and the bottom of the filter bag is switched, which results in the inside wear of the bottom of the filter bag.



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