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PTFE Membrane Polyester Filter Media

PTFE Membrane Polyester Filter Media

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PTFE membrane polyester filter media is made of polyester fiber polyester scrim. All the polyester filter media use first class origin polyester fiber,by the special process of thermal coating, the filter media was laminated with PTFE micro-porous film.


The surface of polyester filter media is smooth, the dust peeling strength is high, and easy to clear ash, and the filtration efficiency is as high as 99.99%. At the same time, the membrane polyester filter media has good chemical stability and corrosion resistance.


Fushun Tianyu filter material Co., Ltd. has 276 workers, 60 engineering and technical personnel, the enterprise covers an area of 15000 square meters.Our company can produce 28 series, hundreds of kinds of filter cloth and related accessories, such as low temperature polyester filter material, high temperature PTFE filter material, sub-high temperature filter media and so on.High temperature needle felt has reached 1/3 of our total output value. The products have been sold to more than 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China, and some products have been exported abroad.


Needle Felt Production Equipment


The equipment use the full computer automatic control system, the main electric motor adopts the German imported three-phase motor, SIEMENS inverter and SIEMENS 12.1 inch touch screen. The discrete value of the uniformity of the filter material is controlled within 1.5%, the uniformity of the filter material is very good. The intrinsic parameters of the product and the stability of the quality of the products are guaranteed to the maximum limit and ensure the batch production.


Filter bags production equipment

Our company has two sets of hot melt equipment imported from Germany, four sets of automatic sewing production line of filter bag, which improves the production capacity of filter bag.


Team Spirit


Fushun Tianyu Filtration Material Co.,Ltd regularly organize staff training and staff travel to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprise.


Providing most suitable and cost effective filter media selection proposals according to real filtration parameters data measured 


Providing consultant marketing service and technical support in installation to make sure the best condition before operation


Supporting customer making bag replenishment plan and filter bag failure analysis through one –line inspection

Product Guarantee

Fushun Tianyu Filtration Material Co.,ltd have make a series of guarantee for our filter bags and needle punched felt both factory processing and selling out to our customers. The selling to you is the first step, the service and guarantee is our task. We guarantee the fiber and scrim, the product processing and end product. From receiving your order to replacement and installation of the dust collector bags, we have solved the problems in time if you need, whatever the quantity and technician guideline or suggestions. Our company has been committed to supplying high-quality filter media and filter elements with reasonable price and delivery in time.


Customer Serivice


Service Goal




fushun Tianyu Filter Material Co., LTD.

Address:  ADDRESS: NO.6 Chuangxin 4TH Road,Science And

Technology City,Economic Development Zone,Fushun Liaoning China

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