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Antistatic Polyester Filter Bags

Antistatic Polyester Filter Bags

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Antistatic polyester filter bags


The antistatic polyester filter bags are made of antistatic polyester needle-punched felt (in warp yarn of needle-felt base cloth or in conductive material such as conductive fiber in chemical fiber), with excellent anti-static performance, Used for surface dust, chemical dust, coal dust and so on, antistatic polyester filter bag is the most ideal choice for explosion-proof dust collection.


When the concentration of industrial dust reaches a certain level (that is, explosion limit), antistatic polyester filter bags is easy to cause explosion and fire in the event of electrostatic discharge or external ignition, such as surface dust, chemical dust, etc. In the field of bag dust removal, if such dust needs to be collected by bags,antistatic polyester filter bags is required that the filter material used to make dust-removing bags has anti-static property.

Antistatic polyester filter bags ash cleaning method

1, Gas cleaning: gas cleaning is by means of high pressure gas or external air blow filter bag, so as to clear up dust on filter bag. Gas cleaning includes pulse jet cleaning, anti blow and ash cleaning and reverse air suction and ash cleaning.

2, Mechanical vibration and ash cleaning: the top is to fight and clear up, and the middle part is to fight and clean up.

3, Knocking: it is the use of artificial flapping each filter bag to remove the dust on the filter bag.




Tianyu supplies filter bags for any filtering application. We guarantee complete traceability and according to quality test plan specifically defined with the customers.


high customization level; all products and production steps are checked



Bags main features:


needle felts or woven fabrics made of all sort of fibers

weight range: from 200 to 830 g/m²

Diameter range is from 90 mm up to 200 mm

Length from 100 mm to 12.000 mm





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