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Waterproof And Antistatic Polyester Filter Bags

Waterproof And Antistatic Polyester Filter Bags

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Waterproof And Antistatic Polyester Filter Bags




Waterproof polyester filter bag’s Finishing Oil and Water Repellent Is Southern Felt's standard liquid repellent system. It is applied by total immersion in a bath followed by drying and curing. This guarantees that every individual fiber in the filter bag is covered in a sheath of chemical which ensures very high and consistent levels of repellency. The treatment is available for application to almost the entire range of products and can frequently be used in conjunction with other product modifications.


Polyester anti-static filter bag can be used in flue gas with high humidity, high moisture content, high static electricity and high filtration precision.


The surface layer of the waterproof and antistatic polyester filter bag is made of polyester fiber and polyester conductive fiber scrim. The fiber has good flexibility and holding force, which can significantly improve the compound fastness, overall strength and anti-static properties of the dust collector bag.




(1) The water and antistatic polyester dust collector bag adopts high quality polyester fiber, which has good shaking when the filter material clears ash and easy dust stripping;

(2) High-strength and low-stretch scrim, which greatly improves the strength;

(3) Microporous PTFE membrane with reduced pore size, high porosity and high filtration accuracy;

(4) The acid and alkali resistance, hydrolysis resistance and wear resistance of the filter material are enhanced by selecting the superior polyester fiber;

(5) After-treatment process such as PTFE impregnation of dust collector bag, the waterproof and oil-proof properties are improved;

(6) Suitable for high humidity working conditions, low energy consumption and low maintenance costs;

(7) The dust collector bag is added with conductive fiber to make the bag have anti-static function.







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