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High Temperature Meta-aramid Fire Resistance Filter Material

High Temperature Meta-aramid Fire Resistance Filter Material

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High Temperature Meta-aramid Fire Resistance Filter Material

A: The reasons why Nomex® (aramid) filter material is the best selling are that:

1. Good temperature resistance. High temperature Meta-aramid fire resistance filter material can regularly work in the continuous 204℃, and can bear the instant temperature of 250℃.
2. Good stability. Under the 250 ℃, its heat shrinkage ratio is less than 1%. Nomex® filter media has an excellent high temperature stability.
3. Excellent chemical resistance. High temperature Meta-aramid fire resistance Filter Material can work normally in the low concentration of acid , alkali and hydrocarbons even if  in the small amount of the fluoride environment.
4. Good fire resistance. Nomex®(aramid) filter media only start to carbonize from 400℃, which is neither easy to autoignition and combustion-supporting. With these good performances, Nomex® (aramid) filter media is widely used in steel industry, carbon black industry, construction industry and power industry. And become the best selling high temperature resistance filter media.
Note: Nomex® is a registered trademark which belongs to Dupont.



Continuous operating temperature is up to 200°C, instant service temperature is up 

to 240 Degree C . 

Fire retardant performance is excellent 

Corrosion resistance and alkali resistance is good 

Excellent thermal stability, excellent abrasion resistance and flexible resistance 

Hydrolysis resistance is poor, frequent SOx and vapor in flue gas or dew point will 

 greatly reduce its service life.


The Aramid fiber/Meta-aramid fiber for needle felt filter cloth production also called Aramid fiber 1313 in China, and Nomex® is one kind of the aramid fibers produced by Dupont®.

Tianyu adopt the super quality aramid fiber and scrim then well needle punched them into felt, after the sound finish treatment such as singing, calendering, heat setting, 
water and oil repellentPTFE membrane laminatedand so on so as to make the filter material with the properties of higher tensile strength, abrasion resistance, lower emission, suitable for the sticky/high moisture dust air purifying, easy purging, lower heat shrinkage, etc.


Aramid (Nomex) filter bags mainly operating in the bag filter house with the temperature of between 130 ~ 220 degree C, suitable PH value between 5~9, widely used in steel industry, carbon black industry, building materials industries (cement plantsasphalt mixing station, etc) and power industry, etc.




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