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Product advantage

production line

The company is equipped with three sets of high-precision high-frequency acupuncture production lines according to international standards

Production capacity

The annual production capacity reaches 5 million square meters of needled felt

Post-processing equipment

With singeing, calendering, shaping, coating, dipping, drying, film coating and other post-processing equipment

Product series

It can produce acupuncture filtration felt and related products of hundreds of varieties in four categories, namely, 28 series of ordinary temperature, high temperature and sub-high temperature

Product sales

The products have been sold all over the country, some products have been exported abroad

Inspection equipment

Equipped with professional product inspection equipment, the inspection means will provide more accurate and more effective guarantee for the quality of filter material products

Company introduction

Fushun Tianyu Filtration Material Co.,Ltd  is a company specialized in the manufacture and supply of accessories for air filtration systems in industrial sectors with the risk of emission of particles into the atmosphere for more than 20 years. As a global supplier in the needle felt and dust filter bags, tianyu is to create added value for customers around the world...

Widely used in electric power, cement, steel, nonferrous metal, chemical and other industries
The early stage of the service

According to the data provided by customers or field research data, Tianyu has a comprehensive understanding of customers' working conditions. By analyzing the characteristics of flue gas and the constant operation of the dust removal system, tianyu provides customers with the most cost-effective product solutions.



The middle service

During the installation of the filter bag, professional technicians shall be sent to provide installation guidance, phosphor detection, pre-coating guidance and other work on site to ensure the smooth operation of the system.

The late service

During the use of the filter bag, follow up the operation of the filter bag regularly; Provide free testing service once a year, and provide testing service report, so that customers fully understand the overall operation status of the filter bag.

Process equipment
  • Needle Felt Production Equipment
  • Needle Felt Production Equipment
  • Needle Felt Production Equipment
  • Needle Felt Production Equipment
  • Filter Bags Production Equiment
  • Filter Bags Production Equiment
  • Inspection Equipment Of Finishing Filter Material
  • Inspection Equipment Of Finishing Filter Material
  • Inspection Equipment Of Finishing Filter Material
  • Inspection Equipment Of Finishing Filter Material
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